A Good Start

I’ve been so busy getting the Warp Drive Active site going that I haven’t had much time to get to my own personal blog here. Rest assured, I’m still alive. 🙂

The new site is coming along extremely well, and the reaction from folks has been nothing short of amazing. Part of what I’ve wanted to accomplish with the site is underway right now — getting other authors in with unique content, giving them a place to put that content up where it can be seen by other EVE players. With the informative Weekly Tinfoil series keeping people up to date on the goings-on of the Alliance world of EVE, and the new CSM Insider summarizing what the newly elected Council of Stellar Management is doing, things are going quite well.

Of course I’ve been doing the requisite comics and podcasts as usual, trying to balance working on those with my real activities in-game. MC’s no more, but the constituent corps are still very active in EVE, each one choosing their own way, and in some cases picking the same one as others.

Body Count is now in Diasho Syndicate, and these guys have been a very pleasant surprise for me. It’s always a weird thing trying to get used to playing with large group of people in EVE, but Daisho really reminded me a lot of my former MC compatriots.

So far so good, all around. 🙂

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