5 thoughts on “Warp Drive Active Podcast #33

  1. I have ‘Matter’ sitting next to the computer, and haven’t gotten to reading it yet, and had a good hoot when Urban made it homework. Then I thought of how similar my though process is to Urban’s, and all joy evaporated….

    I would recommend for a game player as a first Culture book ‘Player of Games’. It’s out of print I think, but Amazon can get you to a used version, and it’s cheap.


  2. Hi Winterblink.

    I watched the movie and as you said in the podcast, the movie turned out nicely even if the theme sci-fi/vampire/zombie was weird put together 🙂
    They managed to not make it lame though.
    The effects was typical ’85 style – a thought; similar effects I’ve seen in He-man, yes even star-wars (in SW the effects was much better of cause as a budget result I guess) .. oh yeah – the naked woman IS beautiful 😉

    Anyways, I might have to see it again just to absorb all the things in the movie. If you need a co-host on this one let me know.



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