Learning Curves

Learning CurveNo idea where this came from, but it’s been linked to me a bunch of times. Totally hilarious, and oddly quite accurate. 🙂 But hey we all still love EVE.

8 thoughts on “Learning Curves

  1. Yeah, it’s truly hard to start playing from scratch. I did started in 2005 but quited 1 month after actually, then only 1 year after that did I decided to retry it, and this time it really hooked me.
    But I guess that curve has its advantages, for one probably every EVE +2months gamer is devoted to the game and it makes us a very mature and interesting community.


  2. As a new player (about 4 weeks) I’d agree that Eve has the steepest learning curve of any MMO I’ve played (Eq, Daoc, Eq2, Wow, etc). This is actually my second attempt at the game, and I think the biggest reason why I’m getting it now and didn’t before is because I’ve gotten into the community aspect of the game.


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