Trinity Patch Notes

EVE Trinity LogoFor those looking for something to read as we lead up to the impending release of EVE Trinity, check out the patch notes here and here. It’s a huge read, and chances are if you first looked at it when it they first released the notes you might want to take a look, because they’ve been making some changes. Here’s a doozy:

NPC bounties are no longer delivered when you kill an NPC but rather 15-20 minutes after you kill your first NPC in a system.

That makes no damn sense, which probably means it’s part of the “Need for Speed” initiative. Very strange.

Anyway, remember to set a super long skill to train, because there’s going to be a 24 hour downtime for Trinity’s deployment. Always err on the side of caution and set something longer than that, like by a factor of a couple of days.

And if you’re looking for something to do during that downtime, hit the Warp Drive Active comics, or

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