EVE Trinity-a-thon

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Holy crap. Trinity-ness everywhere.

First up the new full trailer for Trinity is out. Get it here.

Second, a test build including the new art assets is live on Singularity, to get on there and play around with all the new stuff. It’s awfully pretty, and I’ve stuck a set of photos of it on Flickr here.

I’ve only been messing around with things so far but I’m liking all the UI improvements as well as the pretty new graphics. It’s quite amazing, and has to be the best stuff I’ve seen in any MMO to date.

5 thoughts on “EVE Trinity-a-thon

  1. I know this is a dumb question but how do i download the vids? Every link i click makes it try to play the vid rather than download it.


  2. Augusto – Right-click -> Save Target As..

    On a personal note Winterblink….I believe that I have just soiled myself…


  3. Cancel what i said before.

    Besides Arithon Draedus, im using Firefox so i cant do that.

    I agree with Draedus though. I think i just crapped in my pants…..


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