Warp Drive Active #143: Sickness Bag L

Direct link: https://winterblink.com/wda/index.php?i=143

FINALLY, back into the swing of things. Sorry for the lateness, as I stated in the last comic’s comments I’ve been swamped like crazy after coming back from Fanfest. But I love you all, so here you go. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Warp Drive Active #143: Sickness Bag L

  1. Now here’s an idea for invention!

    You take 1 sickness bag L and a Bad Prawn BPO. If you’re lucky you should end up Overflowing Sickness Bag XL T2. 🙂


  2. Hey blinky, nice job with the comic.
    I JUST found out you and Mongrel had a podcast (yeah I’ve been living under a rock for quite a while) and I was catching up, and I just have one question:

    You said there was a site that tracks the Unique ships in EVE.


  3. This was a funny one. Love your podcast, by the way and left a 5-star review on iTunes for you guys. Also, as a RL femail, I’m always highly amused at how phallic-looking so many of the Gallente ships are. How about a comic that presents a NEW ship design that is more… errrm… feminine?


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