Fanfest 2007: EVE Novel

It’s early morning and I haven’t gone for breakfast, but CrazyKinux asked for some more info on the EVE novel. 🙂

There wasn’t a lot of information on it given for obvious reasons, but here’s what I can remember.

  • Final submitted manuscript was over 500 pages long
  • There are 74 chapters (!!)
  • Conflict between the factions, especially Minmatar vs Amarr, is pivotal
  • Jove apparently play a small role, but no information could be given as to what that is
  • Meant to coincide with game enhancements, though no definite answers given as to which enhancements those are (for obvious reasons)
  • CCP apparently has laid the legal groundwork just in case the book is optioned for a movie, so hooray for thinking ahead and lets be hopeful
  • Some kind of teaser copy will be available at Fanfest for day 2 (gotta get my hands on one of these
  • Open-ended, leaving room for potential sequels though none are being planned at this time

That’s about all I can think of. Rest assured I’ll be picking up a copy or three. Tony’s reading was, as I stated in my last entry, gripping. The man’s amazing, and even the preview reading of one chapter shows that the quality of the writing is going to be top notch.

Going to run and get cleaned up now, get something to eat, then get ready to head out. More later as I can get it to you. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fanfest 2007: EVE Novel

  1. oh man, the novel sounds wonderful 🙂

    but why are they holding it for so long 😦
    ok ok, I guess I know why, but I still want it NOW.

    EvE movie? yes please.

    have fun you lucky bastard!


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