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2006 Tournament Ends

Well the 2006 Alliance Tournaments in EVE have finished. In honor of this, I’ve commemorated the occasion as I did last year, with a new comic.

It was an interesting tournament overall, but the semi- and quarter- finals were really a sight to behold. There were some awesome fights, and some great upsets. The finale was a bit underwhelming, shall we say, but it was still great to be able to watch the entire tournament over EVE TV, and to attend the finals in person as a rep for WDA. :)

Maybe the lackluster ending to the tournament will make CCP take notice, and either rework the organization and rules of the tournament next year. Alternately, they could simply come up with some kind of more compelling event for everyone to take part in.

EON, ENV, 360 updates

A new edition of EON Magazine has been released, and as always it includes a new Warp Drive Active comic.

Also, a new edition of EVE: Nature Vraie is coming soon, but I’ve taken the liberty to redesign the navigation of the site to make it a bit more intuitive and simple. I’ve also fixed a rather glaring Internet Explorer formatting bug so thing should be a lot more readable now. Why do people still use IE? Check it out here.

Lastly, I’ve been filling in my thoughts on the Xbox 360 games I own, you can check those out in the Gaming section (links above in the header). Enjoy.