1 . Nature Vraie

1-1In a matter of minutes, this ship will slip out of warp to join one of the largest combat fleets ever assembled. A more introspective person might look upon this moment and take pause, perhaps ask themselves that age old question: How did things get so out of hand? But I'm no longer that pondering of a person. Besides, that's not why I'm here. I'm here to make the Caldari pay for what they've done.

Somewhere along the line, I became very good at doing that.

I gaze forward along our path of travel, as we gently glide through this system from its outer reaches. It's beautiful, almost peaceful. The intensely bright K-class star flickers ever so slightly, distorted by the interstitial flux tunnel made visible by our engine's warp field. The planets and their moons all slide past as bright orbs against the starfield. It suddenly occurs to me that the beauty of the stars has been all but forgotten by many. A sign of the times, perhaps.

As I look around the bridge, I see a lot of people I have come to trust and respect. I haven't known all of them from the beginning, and not everyone that was there at the start is here with us now. Everyone is quietly going on about their assigned duties, but each is no doubt trying to come to terms with what will happen in the coming hours. I would like it to be known here, that all of my crew should be commended for their performance, going beyond any expectations. I am honored to be serving with them.

It looks like we are approaching the staging area for the fleet. I thought I would have more time, but that's what I get for being a procrastinator. However, I believe that this says all that needs to be said. There is a very real possibility that this will be my final entry, so I will end it with the thought that has carried me for all these years. It will be the thought that I bring with me at the end, no matter what happens.

My beloved Emilie, I miss you dearly.

Valeray R. Fournier
Captain, Gallente Federation Navy
F.N.S. X-1 "Eridanus"

END OF LOG // TS 1622.09.21.23247

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