White Wolf Store Selling EVE Novel

MMORPG.com is reporting that the White Wolf store is selling the EVE novel now.  Thisis great news for those of us who live on this side of the pond and don’t particularly care to spend a  ton of cash on shipping.  It’s available in paperback and hardcover formats, and probably will cost a bit more than the average book.

But hey the average book isn’t an EVE book right? :)

UPDATE: Just paid for a hardcover copy.  Can’t wait.

UPDATE 2: It’s worth noting the followsing from the White Wolf store:

All copies of EVE: The Empyrean Age purchased through the White Wolf Online Store are autographed by the author. Quantities are limited.

That should sweeten the deal for some :)

5 thoughts on “White Wolf Store Selling EVE Novel”

  1. It’s good that WW has it in stock, as I had to wait for a hell of a long time to get it through Amazon. And signed? Even better.

    I’m about 150 pages into Empyrean Age and it’s fantastic (so far). It’s also pretty accessible to readers who like sci-fi but know little to nothing of that internet spaceships game. Some of my friends who don’t play EVE are already asking me if they can borrow it.

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