Humble Beginnings

Way back in the earlier days of EVE Radio, Urban Mongral had this nifty little show called Desert Asteroid Disk, a knock-off of a BBC show where someone was “marooned” on an island and interviewed there. Here of course, Urban maroons people on a roid.

Anyway, Urban convinced me to do this, and this is pretty much how he and I met up for the first time and did anything broadcast-like together. Our microphones sucked, but I got to choose what music was played. This is pre-POS war stuff, and even back then we’re being wistful at the promise of faction warfare. I was also in my carebearing mode at the time.

Was a blast to do the interview (my first), and was really neat to hang in the various ER chat channels when it was broadcast and chat with folks as they listened. It’s a bit dated now, but might be a fun listen for someone anyway. Enjoy!


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