Warp Drive Active Podcast Episode 0

Link to the thread on EVE’s forums

This has been something that’s been cooking around in our minds separately for a while now, but Urban Mongral and I finally came together and did our first EVE related podcast. Check it out, let me know what you think.

Syndication can be found at http://www.winterblink.com/wda/podcast/wda.xml so you can add that to Google Reader, iTunes, or whatever podcast software you wish.

One thought on “Warp Drive Active Podcast Episode 0”

  1. I thought the first two episodes were great. I have wanted to do an EvE pod cast for some time but without a co-host it just didn’t seem like EvE would have enough nonboring content. I really enjoy the back and forth between yourself and Urban. Please please keep up the good work. So far all EvE podcasts have failed to survive, I hope ya’lls isn’t one of the failures.

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