Funnily enough, 14 days before my Xbox 360’s product replacement plan through Best Buy is due to expire, my 360 starts doing some weird graphical stuff while playing GRAW2. I reboot to see if it fixes the problem and whammo, get a single red light of doomy doom. Behold, the gallery of shame.

According to some useful debug information, the error could be because of a screwed A/V cable or a failed A/V encoder. I have two A/V sets, one for component and one for VGA. I’ve tried both of them, which worked before the problem, now both show this error. I’m inclined to think it’s a deeper hardware failure.

I’ve been using my 360 through the VGA connection so I can utilize the 1080p resolution on my set, so who knows, maybe running the 360 in a mode it wasn’t originally designed for has cooked the video chipset. At any rate, tomorrow I’ll probably be going to exchange it. Whee!

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